TrendAppends Tools

Let TrendAppends tools help you produce content, traffic, leads, and sales.

AI Tools

Let TrendAppends AI tools help you produce content for your short form video, emails, sms messages, product descriptions and more.  We have a list of AI Options in the system

SMS Messaging

TrendAppend has built in SMS that allows you to send SMS messages for leads, orders, and marketing.


Search and use trends in your Short Form video campaigns using our Trend Tool.

Email Integrations

TrendAppend has many email integrations built in that allow you to connect leads and order data into your existing customer management flows.


Use TrendAppends short url generator for links across the web.

SMS and Email Verify

Want better lead and order data.  Let TrendAppend validate if a phone is mobile or not and if an email is deliverable or not.  This saves you on bad data and keeps your lists clean.  It also keeps looky lues from just inputting fake data.

Social Proof

Show off your TrendAppend Lead or Sales Count with the Proof Tool from any site that your can add a snippet of javascript code.


Search up suggested hashtags, trending hashtags, let TrendAppend read a url and determine the hashtags for the page you pointed it too.  This is a great research tool.

Technology is evolving, so are we